Tracking Accurate Calories Burned on a Treadmill

Tracking my calories on the treadmill is not as reliable as I would like especially on the one that I use because it doesn't ask me for my weight, age or anything like that.  When I workout on the treadmill I track my calories burned using this calculator.  I can't remember where I initially found it but it's been bookmarked ever since.

My most recent workout started at a 4.0 mph jog (2% incline) for the first 30 minutes and after that I went to a 5% incline for the last 30 minutes walking at various speeds.

Instead of inputing the 591 calories that the treadmill estimated into my workout tracker, I used the calculator and got:
286.9 calories burned for the first 30 minutes done a 4.0 mph and a 2% incline and
261.7 calories burned for the last 30 minutes where I walked 1.6 miles at a 5% incline.

Total Calories burned with today's workout = 548.6 calories.

I'll be tracking my workouts and progress for the Bangin' and Swangin' Challenge (BSC) in monthly posts that will be published every four weeks.  Be sure to check back in on May 27th for my first progress report for the Bangin' and Swangin' Challenge! #watchmework

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