Airdrying: The T-shirt Method

I remember seeing the t-shirt method in Hairlicious's airdrying video and I have to be honest I underestimated the T-shirt's role in the whole process.  I saw that she used a T-shirt to tie her hair up when it was wet and I just used a towel until I got a Twisty Turban microfiber towel, which I thought was sufficient.  Even though my airdried hair never came out as smooth as hers, I assumed that it was because my hair is not relaxed bone straight.

Years have gone by and I have been airdrying with my twisty towel... until about 2 months ago.  I wanted to airdry my hair but I couldn't find my Twisty Towel.  So I opted to use an old t-shirt to airdry.  Welp, I'm sold.  I don't even care about what happened to my towel.  This moment of poor organization on my part has opened my world to the T-shirt method of airdrying and I am one happy camper.  My airdried hair was significantly smoother than I'm used to.  And I've airdried my hair several times since this happy accident and every time I've been very pleased with the smoothness of my hair.  I wish I could show you a picture of my airdried hair when I don't use the T-shirt method, but I couldn't find anything (and I don't plan on airdrying without it in the future).  But here is my airdried hair using the T-shirt Method:
This was days after airdrying. Only half of it is combed out.