Hair Product Recommendations.

I am often asked what products would I suggest for someone new to their healthy hair journey and I always avoid answering this question because I am a firm believer that what works for some does not work for all (or more specifically you).  So while I don't mind sharing what I use, I don't quite feel comfortable telling you to, "go out and by X product because it will change your hair life."  Instead I decided to share all the products that (1) I have used during my hair journey and (2) were good to me (i.e. I'd give it at least 1 thumb up).  I don't use all of these products in my weekly hair regimen because I ended up favoring one product over the others but I would gladly go back to any of these products if my current favorite were suddenly not available.  

Hopefully this will help those of you out there that are new to the healthy hair game and are still trying to find the products that are right for you.  These are products I would consider worth researching to see if it's right for your hair needs.  Check out my past hair products after the jump...


Moisturizing Conditioners
Protein Treatments 
Leave-In Conditioners
Hair Moisturizers
Heat Protectors
Porosity Products
* denotes products that contain ceramides.

What products would you recommend to people who are new to their healthy hair journey?

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