This Hair Journey Stuff Just Got Real.

No one likes to talk about the downside to being on a hair journey, but I'm about to lay it all out there.  When you work so hard to make sure that your hair has everything that it needs to thrive and become the best that it can be, you develop an extreme attachment to your hair.  The last thing that you want to do is trim your ends.  I mean you've invested all that time, energy and money.  And just to let it go like that almost seems inhumane.  I seriously have gone through all of the stages of grief in the past 36 hours...and I'm not completely certain that I've stopped recycling through stages two, three and four.  First I was in absolute denial about my ends.  See evidence below, where I'm all excited about my straight hair that's longer than it's ever been.  Look at the smile of denial. Smh.

Anger.  ...Wait a minute.  Why do the ends look so... NOOO!!! Why me?!?!  Not again!  I'm going to have to chop it all OFF!!! *shakes fist in the air then hangs head in shame*

Bargaining.  You know maybe all of it doesn't have to go, maybe I did something wrong when I was flat ironing it...maybe it's the way that the picture's taken....maybe I used too much product and the hairs are just sticking together...maybe it's just an week when I relax, it'll look way better... (See Below where I take length pictures from various places and positions in search of the "truth"):

Depression/sadness. All that progress...down the looks like it's back to APL for me...

Acceptance. But now that I've had time to process everything.  I'm at peace with it.  I was supposed to do my major trim in December and I never did that.  That mini trim in September must have thrown me off of my trimming schedule and now I'm seeing the results of avoiding that major trim...  I still don't know exactly how much I'm going to trim next weekend, but I'll be sure to record it all for you guys.

Thanks for taking this crazy mind trip with me.  I think I'm alright now, lol.  Follow me on Instagram/Twitter for up to the minute hair rants and other foolishness @FancyFlairLady.  

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