My New Regimen.

With my last  relaxer my ends were in bad shape (again!).  At that point, it was clear to me that I had to re-group and modify my regimen to address this recurring issue.  I did some online research, read some blogs, and asked you guys for advice.  Once I gathered all the information I could on the matter, I began to formulate ideas of what I wanted to do with my regimen.  My main goal over this stretch has been to protect my ends from breakage.  To accomplish this I decided to:

With each wash day over this stretch I: 
  1. did a pre-poo treatment with oil; 
  2. shampooed; 
  3. deep conditioned with a moisturizing conditioner; 
  4. added a leave-in treatment; and
  5. finished up with an oil on my ends.  
Also, I alternated between adding a protein treatment to my regimen and using a protein leave-in treatment.  Since I'm still trying to use up my stash, the products changed with each week, but I was consistent with swapping out moisturizing products for other moisturizing products (and the same thing with protein products). When I was 10 weeks post, I recorded a quick video of what a typical wash day looked like for me over this stretch (see below).

While these wash days haven't been leaving me with silky-soft and smooth hair, my ends are not in worse condition and I'm using up those iffy products that I have laying on the sidelines of my hair product cabinet.  As far as I can tell this new regimen is working out for my hair, so the plan is to continue with this same routine over the course of my next 12 week stretch.  Next week look out for my relaxer update and length check post (and video).

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