Doing the Bare Minimum for My Hair Health

I think everyone goes through ups and downs in their hair journey.  And I'm sure neglect contributes to some of those down times.  When we neglect our hair regimens the inevitable next steps are damage and despair. Lately, I've been lingering in the realm of neglect.  Weekly wash days have not been happening and some of the steps in my typical wash day were missing as well.  I knew that I was not interested in completing my full regimen, so I tried to make a conscious decision to pare down my regimen.  But at the same time, I wanted my hair health to maintain.

My normal wash day routine includes: 
Recently my bi-weekly (at best) wash days were only guaranteed to include: (1) shampooing,(2)  a 15-20 minute deep conditioning treatment (loosely alternating between protein and moisture) and (3) then air drying into a bun.  And yes, I do love the no muss no fuss of the pared down regimen, but I know that it's not the ideal situation for my hair.  My hope is that this incorporated enough moisture, strength and elasticity to ward off damage until I got out of my little rut and back on top of my ultimate (lol) hair regimen.  I guess only time will tell, but the plan is to get myself into gear and start back up with my normal wash day routine. 

Have you ever had wash day slumps? What did you end up doing with your hair? And how was your hair afterwards?