Get Ready With Me | Caruso Steam Rollers

I've had my Caruso Steam Rollers for a few years now (see previous posts: here and here) and decided to film how I used these rollers on my hair.  Steam Rollers are a great way to style your already straight hair without applying direct heat.

How To:
Each foam roller gets a 5 to 10 second boost of steam.  Then you then roll your hair onto the roller (I used end papers to be sure that the ends remain smooth).  Once you've rolled it to your scalp, you secure the roller with the roller cap.  For this style I used about 6 of the large foam rollers to do my entire head.

After about 15 minutes the steam rollers have cooled off and are ready to be removed (I usually let it sit for 20 to 30 minutes to be sure).  I remove the rollers preserving the curls and then finger style as desired.  The curls will fall throughout the day, so I use a holding spray to give them more staying power.  But even without a holding spray, these steam rollers add lasting curls and volume to my flat ironed hair (which is usually pretty limp and lifeless).  The curls from this video lasted all day.  And if I were to carefully pin curl (as opposed to throw my hair in a bun) at night, I'm sure the curls would have lasted another day or two because of the holding spray.

For a visual demonstration check out my video below:

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