Roller Setting: Half and Half Method

Lately, I've been roller setting my hair in this half and half method and I like it a lot.  Below you'll find a pictorial on how I set my hair.  This method may or may not be easier than the traditional mohawk method.  But if you're having issues with the mohawk method, I would definitely give this a try.

Step 1. Separate your hair into two sections by parting your hair down the middle.  Secure one half with a clip.  Start working with the loose half.

Step 2. Create a parallel part that leaves a rectangular (mohawk-like) section of hair with a width no wider than the width of the rollers you are using to set your hair.  Leave the rectangular/mohawk section loose and secure the rest of the hair with a clip.

Step 3. Start setting the rectangular mohawk section at the crown working your way to the front. When rolling this front section, I comb the hair forward, bring the roller to the end of my hair and roll the hair back. When I roll the back section, I roll it in the opposite direction (comb the hair down/back, bring the roller to the end of the hair and roll the hair forward).  Keep the hair as smooth as possible while rolling.

Step 4. Set the Sides. Remove the clip from the section close to your ear.  Create a horizontal part to separate into halves.  How to Roll: Comb the hair down, bring the roller to the end of the hair and roll the hair up.

Step 5. Once you've completed the first half.  Move to the second half and repeat steps 2 through 4.

Recap on How to Set the Rollers.  You can roll them differently, but this is just how I've been doing it.  Whichever way you decide to roll the rollers, be sure to roll the ones in the same section in the same direction.  It will help to make sure that the curls collapse/fall together.

Finished Product. This is how it looks when done. Two "mohawk" sections down the center and two vertical rows on each side.

All done.

Edited to Add Video Tutorial:

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