Random Thoughts of a Recovering Product Junky...

This product junky-ism is a real thing that is hard to kick.  I've been really good about not buying new products for over a year now.  But now I am having a strong urge to try something new.  I'm actually thinking of trying something from Jane Carter.  I've never tried their products before and after checking out the ingredients lists I have at least two products in mind.  ...I know what you're thinking, this is going against my mission to get rid of the extra hair products in my hair stash.  I know, shame on me.  But in light of that, I'm welcoming any motivation you have to offer to keep me on my "no-buy."  I am also taking recommendations on any and all new hair products that I should look into giving a try. :) Don't judge me, lol. 

Do you ever go back and forth about buying new hair products?  How does it end for you?