Style Trial | My First Flexi Rod Set

To scratch my itch for something new, I decided to channel that energy into trying CourtneyNaturalHair's No Heat Flexi Rod Set Tutorial (I bought some new goodies to complete the look :) ).  I liked her video because her end results were more like waves as opposed to spiral curls that I've seen with other flexi rod tutorials.  Since it was going to be my first real attempt at this, I took pictures and recorded the process for you all:

I started with:
Pre-Poo - Vatika Enriched Coconut Oil
Shampoo - GVP Tea Tree Shampoo
Deep Conditioner - Nexxus Humectress Ultimate Moisturizing Conditioner with 1tsp of Jamaican Black Castor Oil
Leave-in Treatments - Jane Carter Solution Moisture Mist (new buy!), Apogee Green Tea Restructurizer on my ends and Proclaim Spray On Glosser all over.

I let my hair T-shirt Dry for almost an hour before adding the leave-ins and detangling.  At that point, I began the process of rolling my hair onto the 3/8" yellow flexi rods.  Prior to rolling, I coated each section with mostly ORS Smooth N Hold Pudding (focusing on the ends).  The sections that were a little too dry, I would spritz with water so that it would be slightly damp.  In the end I used 27 yellow flexi rods.

I let my hair air dry overnight and carefully removed the rods to maintain the spiral waves. 

I separated each spiral into 2 to 3 separate spirals.  For more volume, I could have separate them even more, but I wanted to avoid the frizz this early on (I'd like it to last at least 2/3 days). Here are the final results! 


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