Wash Day | Roller Set, Flat Iron, Curl.

I was so close to picking up CHI Infra Treatment on Thursday night.  I was browsing the beauty section at TJ Maxx when I saw that they had the liter size on clearance for $10!  I felt this instant compulsion to purchase it because of the massive savings that were available to me even though I'd never really heard much about this product.  After going back and forth with myself on the issue, I decided to leave it there.  Sigh...I didn't pick it up, but that protein conditioner would have been perfect for my last wash day because I ended up using a lot of heat on my hair.  I may or may not be making another trip to see if it's still there for $10.  If it is still there, I'm taking that as a sign that we were meant to be together... Below are the details on my wash day without the CHI Infra Treatment...

My wash day started with a coconut oil pre-poo that I shampooed out with GVP Tea Tree Shampoo.  I did a black tea rinse, then put Roux Porosity Control on my hair to finger detangle in the shower because my shedding has increased since starting the castor oil challenge.  And I wanted to remove as many of the shed hairs as I could before I proceeded to styling my hair.  Once I was done I deep conditioned with Nexxus Humectress, which has some protein in it but I still consider it a moisturizing deep conditioner.  Plus I added castor oil to it, which just boosted its moisturizing capabilities.  My leave-in this time was CHI Silk Infusion and I used Proclaim Wrap Foam to roller set my hair in the traditional mohawk pattern.  

After sitting under the dryer for 1 hour and 40 minutes my hair was dry.  So I removed the rollers and proceeded to flat ironing my roots.  I normally don't do this, but my new growth is a bit out of control even though I'm only 8 weeks post.  When I finished straightening my roots most of my curls were gone, so I curled my ends with a curling iron.  I wasn't sure how well my curls would last and I needed them to last for at least the next 5 hours.  So after curling each section, I sprayed the curl with Sebastian Shaper Plus holding spray and wrapped the hair around a roller.  After I was dressed and ready to head out, I removed the rollers, finger styled my hair and was ready to go.  

In the end my hair looked great and the curls lasted to the end of the night -- wash day success!

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