Relaxer Update | April 2015

Last week I thought I was 11 weeks post relaxer when I relaxed my hair, but when I looked back at the calendar I realized I was way off.  I actually relaxed my hair at 14 weeks post relaxer, which partially explains why my new growth was so out of control.  I was so focused on the Castor Oil Challenge that I got my relaxer stretch count messed up.  Below you'll find the details on my most recent relaxer.

What I used:

  1. Summit Sensitive Scalp - Protected My Scalp.
  2. Affirm Fiberguard Relaxer - Applied Relaxer to New Growth and smoothed (17 minutes)
  3. CHI Infra Treatment - Mid Step Protein (5 minutes)
  4. Roux Porosity Control - Neutralizing Rinse (1 minute)
  5. Mizani Phormula-7 Chelating and Neutralizing Shampoo - Neutralized and Chelated (10 minutes)
  6. Nexxus Humectress Ultimate Moisturizing  Conditioner - Deep Condition for well over an hour.
  7. Roux 619 Extra Strength Leave-in Treatment - Moisturizing Leave-in Treatment
  8. CHI Silk Infusion - Heat Protectant and Smoothing Serum
  9. Proclaim Spray On Glosser - Heat Protectant, Smoothing and Softening Spray

My goals for this stretch were to (1) grow my edges back and (2) maintain my ends.  My edges are back, but I really need to focus on my ends for this stretch.  I know, I know, I hear you thinking it.  I'm always going on and on about my ends, but I haven't gotten it right yet.   Hopefully I will get my act together with some persistence and some changes here and there.

Both of the pictures on the bottom are post trim (April 2015 vs. January 2015) and my hair is about the same length.  I'm still hovering above waist length.  Check out my video for more information.

In the video below you'll:

Thanks for watching!

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