The End of the Castor Oil Challenge.

I briefly mentioned my thoughts of the castor oil challenge on my relaxer update video and blog post, but I wanted to do an official end of challenge update.

For this challenge, I applied castor oil to my scalp twice a weeks for 12 weeks and added 1 tsp of castor oil to my weekly deep conditioners.

The Challenge Requirements and How I Did.
1.  Applying the Castor Oil to my scalp.  When I started I entered the challenge at the intermediate level, which meant applying the oil to my scalp twice a week.  But when the challenge started I was secretly going to see if I would be able to do it every other day.  Unfortunately, I wasn't able to keep up at that pace, but I gave it the good old college try.  

2. Massaging my Scalp after applying the Oil.  The challenge stated that we had to massage our scalp for a few minutes after applying the oil, but I have to level with you all.  Each time I applied the oil to my scalp, I massaged it for 10 -- maybe 30 seconds (at best).  I don't know what it is about scalp massages, but I'm really not into them.  I know that they are great for stimulating growth, but I just never feel like doing it when the time comes.  So, I definitely slacked here.

3.  Adding 1 tsp of Castor Oil to weekly deep conditioner.  I did this faithfully, sometimes adding up to 2 tsp.  I wasn't sure what to expect but I was pleasantly surprised by how soft my hair felt after rinsing the conditioner each week.  That was a nice little bonus.

Before Challenge.

As far as it being a growth aid to speed up growth, I didn't see anything new on that front.  But it did thicken my edges, which was the main reason that I joined this challenge.  I was happy to see that my edges were thicker than when I started the challenge.  And I may continue to apply the castor oil to my edges until I run through the entire bottle.  

Length Comparison.
April vs. January
The Drawbacks.
The negatives of this challenge: the itching and shedding.  There is something about an itchy scalp that makes me feel dirty.  I do my best to not scratch my scalp in public, but the itchies that I got from the castor oil made that very difficult.  So that was one annoying drawback to using castor oil on my scalp.  The second was the increased shedding.  I'm not sure why this started happening, but about a month into the challenge, I started to notice that my hair was shedding.  I did tea rinses to help stop it, but I felt kind of like putting a band-aid on top of another band-aid by using castor oil for one thickness and then having to correct the side effects with a tea rinse.  That was a bit annoying.  So, that is certainly something that I'm going to think about as I figure out whether to make this a consistent part of my regimen. 

After Challenge.

Final Thoughts.
Overall, I'm glad that I joined.  Castor Oil might have been the most underrated hair product sitting in my hair care stash.  Not by others but by me!  Now, don't get me wrong there are some drawbacks to using this on your scalp two to three times a week -- itchy scalp and additional shedding.  But at the end of the day, it brought back my edges.  If decide to continue use, I know I will see an increase in my hair's overall volume/thickness.  Regardless of whether I incorporate castor oil into my regimen, I will participate in a future castor oil challenge. 

Did you participate in the Castor Oil Challenge?  
Have you used Castor Oil?
Did you notice added growth or thickness?  

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