Transitioning, Maybe...

...NOT!  Lol, I know I shouldn't joke about things like that, especially given the number of relaxed hair blogger who have transitioned within the last year.  But not me, at least not right now anyway.  I will however be attempting my first ever six month stretch and I feel like I will have to embrace a transitioner's mind set/regimen in order to get through it with minimal breakage and maximum growth retention.  

My hope for this stretch is to be able to still be MBL with thicker ends after I cut away my thin ends.  Currently, I am 11 weeks post relaxer and a 6 month (24 week) stretch would take me to the weekend of October 3rd (right before my birthday:) ).  While I am excited to attempt this stretch, I am a bit nervous about it too because I DO NOT want to experience too much breakage.  And because of that, I will not hesitate to end this stretch the moment that I notice things going a little haywire.  

Today I washed my hair and detangling was a bit much, but I got through it with a lot of patience.  After deep conditioning, I air dried my hair in a bun.  Next week I will have to do a roller set to stretch my new growth and get rid of any and all shed hairs.  That's all I've got planned for now, but wish me luck guys.  I really want to get through this stretch with success.   

What's the longest you've ever stretched your relaxer? And how did it go?

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