My SL to MBL Relaxed Hair Regimen

As I start to rework my current hair regimen, I thought it would be best to document the hair regimen that got me to MBL for those who are still trying to find a regimen that works for them.  I went from Shoulder Length to Mid-back Length in 3 years.  And even though I'm in the middle of revamping the whole thing this regimen gave me consistent hair growth.  It also allowed me to maintain at Mid-back Length for over two years now.  It's pretty modest as far as hair regimens go, but with consistency I saw consistent results.

First the Proof...

Before my Hair Journey

Shoulder Length (SL) - October 2009

Armpit Length (APL) - December 2010

Bra Strap Length (BSL) - December 2011

Mid-back Length (MBL) - December 2012

Grazing Mid-back Length (MBL) - November 2013

Mid-back Length (MBL) - January 2015

...More SL to MBL Progress Pictures (2009-2012):

Now My Relaxed Hair Regimen...

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