Weeks 16 & 17 of My 24 Week Relaxer Stretch | Procrastinating

These past two weeks I've slacking on my hair agenda.  I've been trying to consistently add a midweek co-wash as I get deeper into this stretch, but I'm finding it's a lot easier to convince myself not to do it.  In addition to adding more moisture to my hair with an extra wash day each week, I want to do low manipulation styles more.  And I've been planning to do a braid out for these past two weeks and somehow I haven't been "able" to get around to it until my most recent wash day.  What finally pushed me to sit down and braid my hair was the fear of the tangles and matting that could be hiding in my hair.   Check out my wash day recaps for weeks 16 through 17...

Week 16 - Detangling My Flexirod set.
Mid-week Wash Day:
[*]Detangled in about 5-6 separate sections with water.
[*]DCed overnight with Proclaim Intense Hydrating Masque
[*]The next morning to rinse and detangle further in the shower. (I have to say that both detangling sessions were surprisingly a breeze.)
[*]T-shirt dried for a few minutes (about 10-15 minutes),
[*]Applied Elasta QP Olive Oil and Mango Butter Leave-in Conditioner to my hair in small sections (continuing to finger detangle and get rid of any shed hairs that I came across).
[*]Massaged my scalp lightly and topped my ends off with Olive Oil and Castor Oil.
[*]With my damp hair I created a low bun with a side part using ORS Smooth N Hold Pudding with a little bit of the Eco Styler Moroccan Argan Oil Gel mixed to smooth down my edges and give them a nice hold for the next two days.  I tied it down with a scarf for about 5 minutes and I good to go. 

 Week 17 - Still No Braid Out
Full Wash Day:
[*]Pre-pooed with Aphogee 2 minute reconstructor for about 10-20 minutes.
[*]Rinsed and detangled in the shower.
[*]Shea Moisture's Jamaican Black Castor Oil Strengthen Grow and Restore Shampoo - My first impression is kind of iffy on this one.  It has proteins in it so I'm thinking that maybe I shouldn't have used it the same day that I did a protein treatment on my hair.
[*]After rinsing the shampoo out I applied the Proclaim Intense Hydrating Masque to my hair for deep conditioning.  I deep conditioned for an hour this time.
[*]T-shirt dried my hair
[*]Skipped the braid out and I applied the Elasta QP Olive Oil and Mango Butter Leave-in Conditioner and slicked my hair back into a bun using the same gel and pudding I used a few days earlier

Note to Self.
Air dried buns/Wet buns are good but not too great when you've got a lot of new growth to contend with.  I feel like I don't end up detangling thoroughly enough to avoided tangles and matting later on with continued use of air dried buns.  As I went to bed Sunday night, I promised myself that I would do a braid out for my next midweek wash (even if I had to stay up late and sit under the hooded dryer to get it to dry).  And I didn't do it during the week, but I did do it with my next wash day.

Week 17 - Finally a Braid out

"Mid-Week" Wash Day:
[*]I detangled with water and the ORS Detangler and just like I suspected the back section especially was tangled and took a little extra time and TLC to get through.
[*]I deep conditioned overnight with Proclaim Intense Hydrating Masque with Olive and Castor Oil on top.  I put my hair in four braids to prevent further tangles.
[*]I rinsed the next morning and did an Apple Cider Vinegar (1:4 ratio) Rinse.
[*]I T-shirt dried. 
[*]I detangled in four sections using spraying ORS Detangler to help my comb glide through.  I'm loving this detangler.  It helps me detangle with minimal breakage.  
[*] In the back half I separated my hair into three sections. And the two front quadrants into two sections to be braided later.
[*]Prior to braiding each section, I detangled again and applied Elasta QP Olive Oil and Mango Butter Leave-in Conditioner  and ORS Smooth N Hold Pudding. 

How far along are you in your relaxer stretch?  How is it going for you?

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