How To | Stretch Your Relaxers For More Than 12-16 Weeks.

Normally when stretching your relaxer for 12 weeks or less, we can follow a pretty standard hair regimen: Shampoo, DC and style with minimal breakage.  But for most of us when we hit 12 to 16 weeks, that's when things start to go awry.  Between the dryness, tangles and issues with styling two different hair textures, one or more of these things come in and start to cause breakage and/or end our relaxer stretch attempts.  In this video I am collaborating with Jay from Relaxed Thairapy to give you tips for stretching your relaxer beyond 12 weeks.  When I decided to attempt my six month stretch I kept three goals in mind when caring for my hair:

1.  Keep Your Hair Moisturized
2. Style Your Hair to Minimize Manipulation and Blend Textures
3. Keep new growth detangled

What helps you get through a long relaxer stretch?

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