There's Always Room For Improvement

My favorite thing about the new year is the possibilities it holds for what can be achieved.  It's an opportunity for a fresh start that just happens to coincide with a new calendar year.  I know it's super cliche (some might even say lame), but every year I make a new year's resolution that is at least tangentially related to losing weight and this year is no different.  I restate my fitness goals every January, but realistically my fitness journey is just like my hair journey -- it's ongoing (and never-ending, lol).  No matter where I am there's always more to do and it makes life a little more interesting when you are working towards something you really want.

Last year I stopped seeing my personal trainer after almost 2 years and when I was left to my own devices, I slipped.  It wasn't sudden; it was a gradual descent.  And by the time winter rolled in there's was just no avoiding the fact that I needed to step up and make a change.  So just before Christmas, I joined a gym for the first time.  My first trip to the gym was a little intimidating because I wasn't familiar with a lot of the machines that they had, but two weeks in and I'm starting to feel more at home there.  New Year's Resolution #1: Keep going to the gym!

For my birthday I got a Fitbit Charge HR.  It's a fitness tracker and I have been obsessed with it.  It does a whole lot, but my favorite things about it is that it tracks my steps taken each day, my calories burned, my sleep times vs. restlessness, and it lets me know how much time throughout the day my heat rate is in the fat burning or cardio zones.  With all this new information, I realized how inactive I am when I don't work out. It recommends 10,000 steps a day and when I'm not paying attention getting 4,000 steps in a day can be a stretch.  Since October, I have reached the recommended 10,000 steps only 14 times.  New Year's Resolution #2: Take 10,000 steps a day at least three times a week.

What are you resolving to do for 2016?