Relaxer Update/Length Check - September 2012

Check out the results from my last relaxer...

After my Deep Conditioner, I applied my leave-in treatment (GVP The Conditioner) and Heat Protectant/Shine Serum (Chi Silk Infusions).

I blow dried:

Using my jibere straightening comb, Proclaim Spray On Glosser, and GVP 1" flat iron, I flat ironed spraying my hair in very small sections:

And I finished this wash day by trimming about an inch of hair to get rid of the stragglers:

And here is my current length!!
My ends are currently reaching for "comcast" and covering "LifeSigns."

For reference this is where I was in January:
Back in January, I was above the "LifeSigns"  So I've definitely made progress this year. 

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