Making it through a long stretch.

13 weeks post relaxer
Relaxer is Ready and Waiting
Stretching your relaxer touchups is not for the faint of heart.  It will try your patience but it is worth the reward --> Thicker, Stronger, Longer, Healthier hair.

What do you mean "stretching your relaxer touchups?" Rather than getting your touchups every 6/7 weeks, extend the time in between touchups to 8 to 16 weeks.

Why would you stretch? Mainly it's to prevent overprocessing your hair.  Typically when you get a touchup, you'll only want to apply the relaxer to your unprocessed new growth/roots and avoid the portions of your hair that were processed with your previous relaxer.  Overprocessed hair is weak and more prone to breakage = thinner hair.   Another incentive to stretch your relaxer touchups: Cost! Think about it, if your relax your hair every 12 weeks that's just 4 relaxers a year!   I don't care who you are that's money in the bank. Summary: THICKER hair, Lower Costs.

I typically relax my hair every 12 weeks.  Right now, I'm 15 weeks post relaxer with 2 more weeks until my next touchup.  When stretching my relaxers I have to pay very close attention to my hair so that I don't experience breakage at the demarcation line (where natural hair meets the relaxed hair).  After about six weeks is when I start to notice your new growth showing and that's when the real work begins.  Below are some tips that have helped me get through this and my previous stretches.

Helpful Tips:

If you stretch your relaxers too, let me know what helps to get you through the stretch?

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