Growing Your Hair Long

How are you growing your hair out? What are you doing to get long hair? Tell me what to do so that I can grow my hair long! When I hear those questions, I immediately seize up and my mind starts going through the tons of information that I've learned about hair care.  Unfortunately, I end up spitting out random hair community jargon: I'm PSing my way to BSL and maintaining protein/moisture balance with my regimen.  In return I get a confused face and begin rambling off too much information for one person to absorb in one sitting and nothing ends up getting communicated.

Below is my attempt to redeem myself for all of those poorly articulated conversations that I've had with friends and family members.

The Goal: The name of the game is RETENTION.  Hair grows just fine (for proof think about how quickly our relaxers and hair colors grow out) but we need to work to keep what growth we do get.  The place where we often lose our length is from our ends: I take steps to limit/eliminate the need for trims.  From October 2009 to November 2010 I did not trim my hair.

The Plan: Trims become necessary when you experience breakage or split ends.

How do I prevent breakage?

How do I prevent split ends?

The Result:

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